Wembley full for Euros final

Wembley Stadium could be full again by this summer if latest government plans work out.The coronavirus pandemic has led to empty stadiums almost all over the world for much of the last year or so, apart from some spells of reduced capacity crowds in some countries during periods of lower infection rates.We’re all desperate to see packed crowds at sporting events again, however, and the rapid pace of Covid-19 vaccinations in the UK could mean that is a reality in just a few months’ time.According to the Sun, we could see Wembley pack 90,000 supporters in for the European Championships final this summer with help of the NHS app to see who has been vaccinated by that point.It’s important not to rush the relaxation of various measures after such a difficult year of hospitalisations and deaths in this country, but the success of the vaccine rollout does seem to provide genuine hope of a return to normality in the near future.

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Football isn’t the same without fans and if we can have anything close to a full crowd for the final of the Euros this summer it would be a big boost for morale and give games that atmosphere that they’ve been so sorely lacking in recent times.The Daily Mail also report of test events with reduced crowds in May to help ease fans back into grounds.“If I could go back in time I would change 90% of my life” – which former Man Utd star said this? Click here to find out.

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