Liverpool fans furious with Firmino and Alisson

Loads of Liverpool fans are furious at Roberto Firmino and Alisson for the way they reacted to the Merseyside Derby defeat to Everton at the weekend.The Reds were beaten 2-0 at home by their local rivals, ending a long run without defeat against the Toffees at Anfield in the Premier League.This also continued Liverpool’s terrible recent form as they now possibly look like they’re going to struggle to even make the top four by the end of this season.Some fans have noticed, however, that Firmino liked an Instagram post from Everton forward Richarlison as he celebrated his goal and win in the derby.Alisson was also spotted hugging his opposite number Jordan Pickford after the game, and this has not gone down at all well with a number of LFC supporters.
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It’s fair to say rivalry isn’t quite what it used to be at this level, but it’s also true that social media means these little details are picked up on more by fans than they would once have been as well.Here’s some reaction to Firmino and Alisson’s antics…
We have Firmino out here liking Richarlisons post of our loss and Alisson hugging Pickford as if nothings happened. My blood is boiling.
— Natasha (@tashaaa2000) February 22, 2021

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I have an undying loyalty to both Alisson and Firmino but their antics after the game with Pickford and Richarlison are inexcusable. Does rivalry not exist anymore?
— Matthew Courell (@CourellMatthew) February 23, 2021

Don’t know how anyone can think firmino liking those richarlison pics is fine he’s an absolute embarrassment for me
— dean (@deanregan_) February 23, 2021

Alisson chatting (arm around the neck) with Pickford and Firmino liking Richarlison’s instagram post after we lost to Everton, is in all fairness pathetic to me.
They’re our rivals that beat us for the 1st time since dinosaurs went extinct.
Should never happen.
— ? (@KIopptinho) February 23, 2021

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I don’t like both but for me Alisson with Pickford wasn’t that bad. Firmino liking that particular Richarlison’s photo on the other hand.. ?
— Yora (@misteryora) February 23, 2021

Dear @LFC,I don’t mind Firmino being a false 9 and not scoring as much as other centre forwards are, but him liking Richarlison’s insta post only means he has to be sold as he’s been in LFC for almost 5 years now and yet doesn’t understand the emotions in the Merseyside derby!
— Mahendra Agilan (@mhdra18) February 23, 2021

The issue with the Firmino and Alisson things, whether we hate them or not, are down to the fact that WE hate Richarlison and Pickford for what they done this season so we expect the players to be the same when they’re more than likely not.
— Lauren (@ismiseIauren) February 23, 2021

Maybe I’m reading too much into it but I don’t think I am.
When Firmino sees that picture of Richarlison celebrating at Anfield after defeating Liverpool at Anfield for the first time in 22 years, he should feel pain. I don’t care about them being teammates/friends. It’s not on.
— Jason Galvin (@Galv_LFC) February 23, 2021

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Firmino liking Richarlison’s insta post might actually be the last straw for me
— Milo (@TheKingKlavan) February 23, 2021

I understand Firmino liking that post but alisson hugging prickford…
— Santi ?? (@s7ntii) February 23, 2021

The Firmino one might not be that deep and it may not have even been him but the Alisson one is inexcusable
— ?? (@TheImmortalKop) February 23, 2021

Haven’t scored from open play at home all year, 5 losses in 7 in the league, ex physios calling out the club, Firmino and Alisson acting pally with Everton players after losing a first derby at home in over 2 decades.
We’re a shambles right now on and off the pitch.
— Laurie (@LFCLaurie) February 23, 2021

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