Game of Thrones star Hafthor Bjornsson wants to fight Tyson Fury after vowing to knock out rival Eddie Hall TWICE

Hafthor Bjornsson wants to take on Tyson Fury after vowing to knock out Eddie Hall TWICE.
The former Game of Thrones star and World’s Strongest Man will face bitter rival Hall in September in the first of two scheduled bouts.
Hafthor Bjornsson has shed a huge amount of body weight for his foray into boxing to face Eddie Hall
Both men have managed to hold grudges ever since the 2017 World’s Strongest Man competition when Hall won the title, only for ‘Thor’ to take it the following year.
Hall vowed to ‘punch Bjornsson’s brains out’ last month in a match which many believe will be the ‘Heaviest Boxing match in History’.
But the 6ft 9ins Icelandic actor is planning on dispatching Hall with consummate ease before pursuing the best the heavyweight division has to offer.
“There’s probably going to be a rematch against Eddie Hall, so I’ll be in the sport for probably the next two years,” Thor told Metro.
Eddie Hall is also slimming down drastically for his move into boxingRex Features
“After the rematch we’ll see how I feel, how much I have improved. I’m not getting any younger – I’m 32 years old so I need to improve very fast if I see myself competing more.”
He added: “If the right opportunity came along…Let’s say in the Eddie fight…obviously my plan is to knock him out.
“Let’s say I knock him out the first and the second time and some big name says: ‘Who the f*** does he think he is? Thor, you’re nothing, I’m going to knock you out, I challenge you.’
“That could happen. No one has seen a guy my size before and imagine if some big name would challenge me because they want to shut me down.
Tyson Fury is considered by many to be the best heavyweight boxer in the worldMikey Williams/Top Rank
“That would be a huge opportunity for me and I probably wouldn’t turn it down.”
Provided Bjornsson can get past Hall when they finally meet, the 6ft 9ins ‘Gypsy King’ could well be next in line for the 450lbs beast.
“When I do anything I always look at the top and the top right now is Tyson Fury obviously, but we’ll see in two years’ time who is on top then,” he added.

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