FC Goa star Edu Bedia appears to bite his opponent

TV cameras will tell you most things, but you can also absolutely figure out if something bad has happened on the pitch if a player absolutely loses it with an opponent.There was a recent incident in India where FA Goa star Edu Bedia appears to take a bite out of his opponent, and you can see he’s not happy as he loses it with Bedia afterwards: Suarez -esque biting incident from Indian Super League! from soccer Obviously these scenes are reminiscent of when Luis Suarez used to do this on a semi-regular basis, but it appears that the Spaniard was only booked on this occasion.He’s also come out with his own defence after the game where he does deny biting him:
Edu Bedia’s statement on the incident with Tangri.@edubedia @FCGoaOfficial pic.twitter.com/S6zQeZahkG
— gaurarmy (@gaurarmy) February 14, 2021

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It looks like this incident will be reviewed so we haven’t head the end of it yet, and the video evidence really does look quite damning from Bedia’s point of view.Disappointingly he’s not gone full Suarez and claimed that his opponent tried to attack his teeth with his own body, but it will be interesting to see how his defence works out.

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