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Everyone you see is going through one thing or the other. A lot of challenges, difficulties, troubles, calamities, are what people face every day. Some challenges can be seen while some cannot be seen. Among the ones that can’t be seen is Depression. The ones that cannot be seen might be shared and might not be shared, this depends on each individual. Someone like me prefers not to share my burden with people most times because I always think that it is my problem, not theirs. They also have their problems. Also, sharing my burden at times got me into a bigger depression that’s still healing.


This is why I don’t share my burden with people. You also have one reason or the other why you don’t share your burden with people around you. It’s fine and understandable. Still, you should not let your past experiences conclude your future. I said it is quite understandable other than why I shared my burden with someone I claimed to love but I was blamed for it. Every time I share my worries, I got blamed and this makes me lose my self-esteem for a very long time. For that reason, I concluded that I should not share my burden with my partner when in a relationship.
Everyone is depressed in one way or the other. What you are passing through now is just for some time and that is why you have to stay strong and alive. Suicide should never be an option out of depression.

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When you commit suicide, the good name you’ve been building all these while dies with you and what the world will remember you for is, that’s the lady that committed suicide?. Your family will have that suicide stigma with them. Oh! Here comes the parent of the guy/lady that committed suicide. This should not be something you should leave with. Leave this world with legacy, the good legacy I mean.


At a time of the depression, 70% of people always want the world comes to an end, Yes, I do also. There was a time I thought of committing suicide due to mental stress and not be forgiven. I was like if I die, you will regret that your action. If you don’t forgive me when I am alive, you will forgive me when I die. I sat down, I think deep, after taking my life, what is my gain?

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My dear, suicide is never a way out of depression. As for me, the only way out of depression is through prayer. Smiles, funny right? Yes, it is prayer. Though an adage says “a problem shared is half solved”. I partially disagree. Why? When your problem is not been shared with the right person, you end up being in a more depressed state. I would rather say “a problem shared with a right and reasonable person is half solved”.
Fight Against Depression

Please, do not commit suicide, I am writing this out of pain and depression. Yes! I am pained seeing people committing suicide. I am depressed because of what I am passing through currently but I will never let suicide be an option.
How can you get out of depression?

Always pray
Don’t stay alone
•Do whatever will make you happy
Pray always.

To those who think they can be of help for the depressed fellow. Here are few tips for you; do not be harsh on them, do not let that individual lose his/her self-esteem, don’t ever use words that will make the person rejected. I mentioned earlier that the person I claimed to love blamed me for what so ever causes my depression, makes me feel rejected, lose my self-confidence, and depressed. I was able to get push myself up because of those four ways to get out of depression.

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Suicide not an Option

If you cant help a depressed, keep quiet, pray for the person and you can refer to someone who can help.

Whenever someone talks about suicide don’t ever take it for granted. It’s not that the person is warning you about their suicide, it is a cry for help.



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