Conor McGregor was stunned by his $7,500-a-night suite after first Dustin Poirier fight, now UFC star turned up to rematch on private yacht at Fight Island

Conor McGregor is arguably the most high profile star in the UFC and he’s come a long way from the Crumlin kid who used to work on building sites.
The Notorious’ rise to MMA stardom was meteoric, winning over fans with his personality both inside and outside the octagon.
McGregor was blown away by his hotel room for his first Poirier fight as revealed in the six-part series ‘Notorious’
He became the first man in the UFC to hold two titles at the same and holds the record for most pay-per-view buys with 2.4million in his 2018 clash with Khabib Nurmagomedov.
He returns from retirement on Saturday night to face Dustin Poirier for the second time at UFC 257 on Fight Island.
Their first battle was back in 2014 at UFC 178 where McGregor knocked out Poirier in the first round.
It was his fourth fight in the UFC and set him on the path to dominating the featherweight division.
After that win he retired to the Red Rock Casino in Las Vegas and took in what was the start of a new lifestyle for him.
At the time he was filming a series for Irish channel RTE and the moment he walked into his room was caught on camera.
The suite cost the McGregor camp $7,500-a-night in Las Vegas
“Wowwwww,” he gasped when he opened the door. “F*** off. Jesus Christ. Holy s*** now this is a f****** room. This is nuts. This is all I expect from now on. I’ve never going back.”
Lying on the sofa was his coach, John Kavanagh, whom he asked how much it cost a night to stay in that particular suite.
“Seven-and-a-half grand,” was the response to which McGregor burst out laughing.
“That is madness just to beat up a few bums on the occasional Saturday night. It’s a handy life we live,” he joked.
Later, as he surveyed his surroundings, he told the camera: “I’ve never seen anything like this in my life. This is literally what it’s all about.
“Would you consider like made it? Would you? I don’t know, it’s f****** something else.”
Poirier was knocked out inside one round when the pair first met at UFC 178 as featherweightsGetty Images – Getty
McGregor, who before his UFC debut, picked up a welfare cheque, later reflected on how far he’d come from the days working on building sites to staying in $7,500-a-night rooms.
He said: “I used to be getting up at like half five, quarter to six in the morning, pitch black out, freezing. I used to stand out on the M50 and wait for a bloke from Limerick to drive by and pick me up for work – was about two and a half hours away.
“Then I’d be on that building site for 12 or 14 hours a day and a two/three hour drive back.
“I remember when I decided to just pack it all in, I was sitting in the car park on the building site, it was dark and horrible, it was p****** out, and I was looking out and saying ‘I’m out of here, I don’t give a f***’.
“I went back and said I’m not doing it anymore and my dad didn’t agree with it. We had proper full on fights and didn’t speak for some time.
“It’s normal Irish relationships to have with my ma and dad. They chase you up the stairs with the sweeping brush from time to time. That was just normal.”
McGregor relaxed on a private yacht with his family before making his way to the fighter’s hotelInstagram @thenotoriousmma
It’s fair to say McGregor has more than made it in life now and he arrived for his rematch with Poirier in some style.
The Irishman made his way to Abu Dhabi on a private yacht on Monday afternoon.
The 32-year-old shared snaps on board the boat as he relaxed with his top off and soaked up the sunshine alongside Kavanagh.
Having taken in the rays at sea, a still shirtless McGregor then transferred to a Rolls Royce on land.
He was joined by his son and partner Dee Devlin as he entered the fighters’ hotel.
Conor McGregor arrived at Fight Island on a private yacht
McGregor showed off the view from his yacht ahead of UFC 257
The last time he and Poirier shared a hotel, in 2014 ahead of their first fight, McGregor set about unnerving his next opponent as soon as the fight was signed.
Taking aim at his chin, his upbringing and even the size of his head, the Irishman ran down Poirier with vicious verbal barbs that have become his trademark in UFC, as many others will attest to, including Khabib Nurmagomedov and Jose Aldo.
It worked incredibly well for McGregor, with cameras capturing Poirier telling coach Mike Brown he ‘had never disliked someone that much’ before a fight.
It seems as though they put their differences aside and the respect between the two, now six years older, was clear to see at the pre-fight press conference.
The pair shook hands as they joined the stage while also had very kind words to say about each other.
There was a lot of mutual respect between Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregorGetty Images – Getty
McGregor said: “I’ve been highly impressed, I think the whole business has been highly impressed, after that loss many, many years ago, he rose up became champion and has given so much back.
“I am honoured to share the octagon with this man. I know we have this competitive fire, and it’s still there, there’s no denying that and it’s going to be a good fireworks filled bout but the respect is admirable for this man from me.”
Poirier added: “I don’t want to seem like we are up here giving each other back massages but I just wanted to clear the air. Conor’s team, McGregor Sports Entertainment did reach out to my foundation and they are starting the donation to the good fight foundation and we have huge plans for that.
“So Conor, man to man, you are going to help a lot of people with that.”

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