Carl Froch reveals his psychologist made him block George Groves on Twitter before their rematch as Groves was taunting him in DMs

Carl Froch has told the story of how his psychologist forced him to block George Groves on Twitter to help with the mind games ahead of their massive rematch.
Prior to their first fight in 2013, Groves was able to wind Froch up with ease.
The pair detested one another
At all press conferences and on preview TV shows, the younger man showed no respect to his elder and consistently picked holes in his achievements up to that point.
Froch later admitted this irked him and led to him being reckless when they met in the ring.
Groves floored the champion in the first round of that epic battle and appeared far ahead on the scorecards.
However, Froch battled back and won by controversial stoppage in round nine – setting up the Wembley Stadium rematch.
Froch won the first fight, but the ending was very controversial
Groves had to campaign with the IBF to secure the rematch, but successfully did so in 2014.
After confirming this news, he took to Twitter to gloat to his rival.
Groves joined Froch on his podcast Froch on Fighting this week and the pair discussed the incidents together.
Froch recalled: “I saw the press release and he sent me a direct message on Twitter saying, ‘The fight’s been made. Tik tok you p***k, I’m coming for you.’
“I got that in my DMs in Twitter.”
Froch took a different approach in the build-up second time aroundAFP – Getty
Groves replied: “Most of the stuff I really can’t remember.
“I used to send Carl a ‘tik tok’ message every week, ‘Eight weeks to go Carl, seven weeks to go.’
“And then he blocked me.”
Froch explained: “I wasn’t gonna block you, then my psychologist told me to block you.
Froch won the rematch with a brutal KO
“Chris Marshall said, ‘Block him.’
“I [initially] said, ‘No because he’ll think he’s got to me, he’s not getting to me.’”
Groves admitted: “It was definitely a good move.”
Ultimately the sports psychologist Froch employed to help him deal with his opponent’s mind games worked a treat.
A more composed ‘Cobra’ knocked out his enemy in round eight of their rematch, settling their rivalry once and for all.

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